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Dylan Roberts ♢ 19 ♢ Student at Kellerman’s ♢ FC: Dylan O’Brien ♢ Set Ship with Tyler Hoechlin FC ♢ TAKEN

Bio: Dylan Roberts was more than just your average kind of guy. He had a talent for bringing humor to the darkest of situations, it’s what he enjoyed doing, making people laugh. It was that spark inside of him, that made everyone laugh. The way he could just whip out a one liner, a sarcastic comment, or a witty joke was one of Dylan’s many talents. His parents found joy in their sons humor, they were just so proud they raised this talented son, their only problem is, is that he’s gay.

It wasn’t like it was a life choice for Dylan, he didn’t exactly wake up one morning deciding today was the day he was going to have it hard for guys, it’s just how he was. The first boyfriend Dylan ever had was Bobby Barren. He was fourteen at the time, and his parents had finally let him go on a summer camping trip. Of course, Dylan hadn’t realized he was gay until that one night that changed everything for him. The camping trip was going well, It was just him and a big gang of his friends camping out in the nearby, local woodland park, with a good few tents, and a nice camp fire to set the tone. Bobby and Dylan had been friends since they were in the womb, with being neighbours, and their mothers practically behaving like sisters, they would always have playdates.

At the camping trip, Bobby had asked Dylan to take a walk with him, that there was something he really needed to tell him but couldn’t exactly say in-front of the group. As they walked further away from camp, when it was safe enough, Bobby stopped Dylan up and planted one heavy kiss on the young boys lips. At first Dylan didn’t know what to make of it, he had kissed a girl once, but it was a dare, and it didn’t really mean anything, but when Bobby kissed him, it was like something ignited inside of him that made him yearn for more. That night Bobby had told Dylan that he had realized he was gay and had a crush on him for the past year. After the camping trip the two started to date in secret for nearly two and a half years without their parents, or friends finding out.

Noone suspected the two of anything, after all, it only appeared that they were still regular old best friends, but the sleepovers they had changed alot. Dylan was seventeen when he lost his virginity to Bobby, It would have been special too if Dylan’s parents hadn’t come home early from their weekend trip. Walking in on the two just finishing their act of love, and they were horrified. They couldn’t believe their son was gay.

Having a talk with Bobby’s parents, they all decided it was best if they didn’t see each other anymore. They wouldn’t be seen to have gay sons, they didn’t want the gossip and disgrace on their names. Two years later, with his parents trying with all their hearts to degay their son, it was showing no use, so they decided to send Dylan to Kellerman’s where he could continue his way on becoming a comedic actor. The only thing is, they would never know that Dylan was going to find the one person, that he knew he was going to spend the rest of his life with. Tyler Richards.

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