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As soon as we start getting the first batch taken I’ll put more bio’s up!

also, if you want to request a face claim change, we can work a deal.

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Hey I love you. Wanna come and join my roleplay and be awesome bro?

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In desperate need of a beautiful co admin!

Apply bb?

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Welcome you sexy beast.

You know you wanna come apply today, how can you say no to his face?

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Hey! you! come apply today!

I would love if you joined our roleplay! I would cuddle you forever,

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Anonymous said:
Hello! Sorry, but what is with that thing "we need our Gabriel Macht and apply for him"? Is something wrong?

I just want his character filled so one of our other characters has their storyline is all!

answered 2 years ago
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We want you! Come audition, I’ll love you forever and ever!

Seriously, our characters are going pretty fast, and I want to get the first batch filled before I release some new bio’s so please join it would mean so much!

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We need our Gabriel Macht!

Just look at his precious face! In dire need of this luscious man, and I would love if you’d apply for him, so I’m on my knees… begging PLEASE APPLY FOR THIS GLORIOUS HUMAN BEING.

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Hello my sweets!

I’ve got a serious project to do so I’ll be on later to do some adminin’ shizz, So if you know anyone that roleplays get them to audition! Also the follow list is updated so get following the newbies!